Wood info

For every interior design style, the presence of wooden materials naturally adds traditional essence which is trending ever time. There are soft woods and hard woods naturally available in the market can be used for decorative stuffs. Proper mixing up of these wooden types will help to design good colour shade with the use of grain combinations and texture. As you know the presence of wooden materials produce warm atmosphere inside the space. Different patterns of wooden materials for your interior is a part of different trees like Oak, walnut, pine, beech, cherry etc. Let us few wooden patterns used for interior decoration.

Oak wood:

The prime preference if oak wooden materials is the need of high durability and good option for modern interior design furniture’s in the present market. Oak wood has a texture that suites both classical and traditional decors with their feature of white and grey colour combinations.

Beech wood:

Beech wood is moreover beautiful in appearance and warm like material to place as flooring tile, wall tiles etc. They have good yellowish and brownish colour patterns of grains which is slightly varying from oak wood patterns.Compared to other wooden materials, beech works for high flexibility and modern furniture designs can be made easily. The way we create patterns for floorings or walls shows the beautiful appearance once that is applied in a uniform manner.

Pine wood:

This wood material is very easily available all the time in the market and cheap in cost wise. People used to get pine wooden materials in room ceilings, floor tiles etc. brings cosy, good aroma and warm feel inside the space. Those who want to get materials on low budget and an effective furnish appearance usually go for pine wood decoration.

Walnut wood:

Walnut wooden materials are rich brown in colour which adds unique beauty to the places where it is used in home. Both modern and traditional kind of decoration in home, apart from the flooring many other stuffs like furniture décor also use walnut wooden material for its design. Mixing up of grains of walnut wood into various design patterns enhance the cosy appearance in the space.